Ground floor: reception desk / communal areas / studio
1st floor: rooms 11-18
2nd floor: rooms 21-28

'Tsolakis' Building

Basement: Photography / Photograph Library
Ground floor: Publications Service / Supplies Office
1st floor: Administrative and Accounting Services
2nd floor: Architecture / Drawings / Desktop Publishing / Topography
3rd floor: Library of Plans

Members' Wing

Director of Ancient and Byzantine Studies
Director of Studies for the Modern and Contemporary Eras
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Archaeology in Greece ONLINE

Makrigianni, 5 Faleron Street
Makrigianni, 5 Faleron Street. Efi Aleksaki Mantzouka, Georgios Michalopoulos and Chara Charami (Γ’ ΕΠΚΑ) report on discoveries made at this plot.
Six pit graves were located, dating principally between the Late Helladic and Archaic periods.
To the NW of the plot, parts of an ancient road were found, 6.20 x...
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