Scholarships - fixed allowances

Scholarship-holders with a salary and holders of doctoral contracts:

  • 710 € the first month
  • 310 € the following month

Scholarship-holders without a fixed income:

  • 960 € the first month
  • 560 € the following month

Scholarship-holders who are resident and employed in countries where incomes are low are counted as scholarship-holders without a fixed income.

All scholarship-holders who stay in the guesthouse in Athens must pay a fee of 14 euros per night.

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1 Katre Street, Kasteli. 

Maria Andreadaki-Vlazaki (ΚΕ EPKA) reports the continuation of the excavation in the area of the expanded courtyard of the early LM IIIB period (beginning of the 13th c. B.C.) (Fig. 1). During the excavation of the trenches Θ and ΙΕ, it was confirmed that the extensive concentration of stones that were surrounded by a line of large unworked boulders date to the LM IIIC...

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