Scholarships - fixed allowances

Scholarship-holders with a salary and holders of doctoral contracts:

  • 710 € the first month
  • 310 € the following month

Scholarship-holders without a fixed income:

  • 960 € the first month
  • 560 € the following month

Scholarship-holders who are resident and employed in countries where incomes are low are counted as scholarship-holders without a fixed income.

All scholarship-holders who stay in the guesthouse in Athens must pay a fee of 14 euros per night.

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Archaeology in Greece ONLINE

À Érétrie, G. Ackermann et J. André (École suisse d’archéologie en Grèce) ont poursuivi en 2019 les recherches dans le gymnase d’Érétrie. En particulier, les travaux se sont portés à l’Ouest du gymnase et au Nord...
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