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 Séminaire ouvert d'histoire économique / Ανοιχτό σεμινάριο οικονομικής ιστορίας


Mardi 17 avril 2018 - 18:00
Τρίτη  17 Απριλίου  2018 - 6 μ.μ.

Revolutions and the Fisc: The Constant Reshaping of Europe and America from the Eighteenth Century to the Present

Γιάννης Κοτσώνης New York University

Archives Historiques de l’Université d’Athènes , Skoufa 45 / Ιστορικό Αρχείο Πανεπιστημίου Αθηνών, Σκουφά 45
En collaboration avec Alpha Bank
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Programme 2017-2018

The history of taxes since 1776 and 1789 is the history of a modern paradox. As individuals were given protections and immunities from state power, they became more exposed and visible than ever before. The outcome by 1918 was a new form of government: collectives were reduced to individuals; states created relationships with individuals regardless of birth status; individuals rethought themselves in relation to the state as they filled tax forms with themselves; persons did the work of the bureaucracy and became small bureaucrats; and the modern economy took shape in relation to activities that were recorded and shaped by the state. The result was a regime of intimacy where the person, in the extreme, was a member of the state rather than its antithesis. Our current condition, of relatively fair and universal taxes, is made possible by the fact that states know much more, and leave citizens fewer possibilities for escape.



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