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 Mobilités / Κινητικότητες / Mobilities


Mardi 27 Mars 2018 - 18:00
Τρίτη 27 Μαρτίου 2018 - 6 p.m

The perpetual crisis of managing animal mobilities

Sarah Green University of Helsinki
Nayanika Mathur University of Oxford

British School at Athens - Souidias 52
Οrganisé par la British School at Athens (BSA) et l’École française d’Athènes (EFA), en collaboration avec le British Institute at Ankara (BIAA), et financé par le réseau Balkan Futures et l’EFA

Programme 2018

Human involvement in the movements of nonhuman animals pose distinctive questions for mobility in, and of, crisis. Across both time and space, attempted human management and surveillance of animals that move or are transported – by state organizations, by transnational regimes, by surveillance systems, and by commercial logistical infrastructures – present perpetual and perplexing troubles for those engaged in such activities. Our discussion moves from Cold War animal mobilities to contemporary suspicions of animals indulging in espionage; from invasive species to endangered and charismatic species; and from the politics of moving livestock to the global management of border regimes designed for animal-governance, not people-governance. These perpetual attempts to monitor and manage animal movements so that they remain within people’s material and epistemological boundaries seem to equally perpetually generate unanticipated crises. By considering the combined epistemological, structural, and material elements of attempts at managing animal mobilities, this workshop contributes towards a deeper understanding of mobilities in/of crisis.



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