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 Séminaire technologie / Σεμινάριο τεχνολογία

Lundi 21 janvier 2019 - 19:00
Δευτέρα 21 Ιανουαρίου 2019 - 7 μ.μ.


Marine Geosciences and Technology meet Underwater Archaeology:  Research Achievements and Perspectives in the Aegean 

(Conférence en anglais - Διάλεξη στα αγγλικά)

Vasilios Kapsimalis, Dimitrios Sakellariou
Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Institute of Oceanography, Department of Marine Geology and Geophysics

Salle des conférences de l’EFA / Αίθουσα διαλέξεων της EFA

Programme SemTech 2018-2019

During the last decades Underwater Archaeology has benefited in many ways from the synergy with Marine Geosciences and the adoption of methods and technologies used by marine geoscientists. The discovery, mapping and investigation of archaeological sites and shipwrecks located on or beneath the shallow or deep seafloor and the research and reconstruction of submerged prehistoric landscapes were enhanced by the means of remote sensing techniques, such as swath bathymetry, side scanning, subbottom profiling, magnetometry and underwater photogrammetry.
The long term collaboration of the Institute of Oceanography (HCMR) with numerous national and international archaeological institutions (including the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities and many Foreign Archaeological Schools in Greece) has given impetus to underwater archaeological research in the Greek seas. The technological breakthroughs and the equipment and methods used as well as the scientific achievements of joint geo-archaeological projects will be presented. 



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