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 Séminaire ouvert d'histoire économique / Ανοιχτό σεμινάριο οικονομικής ιστορίας


Mardi 21 mai 2019 - 18:00
Τρίτη  21 Mαΐου 2019 - 6 μ.μ.

The Macro-Micro Link in the Study of the Greek Civil War

Stathis Kalyvas University of Oxford

Salle des conférences de l’EFA / Αίθουσα διαλέξεων της EFA

En collaboration avec Alpha Bank
Σε συνεργασία με την Alpha Bank

Programme 2018-2019
Like most civil wars, the Greek Civil War was initially approached from a macro perspective, focusing on the preferences and decisions of great powers and key leaders. More recently, however, researchers have focused their attention on its microdynamics, primarily via the lense of micro-history. While this agenda has been of considerable utility, its connection to the macro level remains neglected. I discuss the macro-micro link methodologically (drawing from the fields of political science and sociology, but also history and economics), theoretically (by reference to the ongoing comparative research on civil conflict located mostly in Political Science) and empirically (via illustrations with empirical examples from my own work on the Greek Civil War). My intention is to stimulate both a theoretical discussion about interdisciplinary approaches to the past and an empirical discussion about the Greek Civil War.



Sophia Zoumboulaki
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Nolwenn Grémillet
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