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Les Observateurs du Bicentenaire / Observing the Bicentennial / Παρατηρώντας την επέτειο των διακοσίων ετών


Jeudi 13 Mai - 18.00 (EEST)
Thursday 13 May - 6 pm. (EEST)
Πέμπτη 13 Μαΐου - 6 μ.μ. (EEST)

The Greek Revolution as an Imperial Event: How the Ottoman, French, and Russian Empires Produced a National Uprising, 1797-1830

Yanni Kotsonis - New York University
Respondent: Ada Dialla - Athens School of Fine Arts

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The Greek Revolution took place in imperial spaces, and somehow the empires produced a nation-state. This paradox requires us to consider what exactly the future Greeks learned in the empires -- Ottoman, French, Russian, and British. The short answer is that the Ottoman experience raised subjects to understand their status as a religion, though one of many; whereas the European empires gave examples of strong centralized states, order, and security. They were also regimes of Christian supremacy. At the same time, the many people from the Balkan region who served the empires learned about the nation as total and exclusive, with implications for mass mobilization (levée en masse of new citizens) as well as total violence (Vendée and Haiti).



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