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Atelier des jeunes chercheurs.

Lundi 05 mai 2014 , 1 5.0 0, École française d’Athènes , Didotou 6

(École française d’Athènes)
Maxime COLLEU Clémence PAGNOUX
(Université Paris I – Panthéon-Sorbonne)

De l’implantation des sites à l’appropriation de leur environnement par les sociétés : regards croisés sur différentes approches géoarchéologiques

© Maxime Colleu. Plaine de la Messara , Crète
École française d’Athènes
Université Paris I – Panthéon Sorbonne

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Archaeology in Greece ONLINE

Property of G. Tsirantonakis, Livadakia

Property of G. Tsirantonakis, Livadakia. Sofia Preve (ΚΕ’ ΕΠΚΑ) reports that during October 2008 a two-day excavation took place at the property in the area of Koufos-Gavranou in Kydonia, south of the village of Patelari. Prior to the excavation, G. Tsirantonakis had handed a small amount of pottery from this site as well as a worn bronze coin from a nearby site. The land owner became aware of the presence of ceramic vessels on...

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