Don’t over look the edges !

Rencontres numismatiques : Lundi 02 juin 2014, 18.00 , Δευτέρα 02 Ιουνίου 2014, 18.00

Αίθουσα «Κωστής Παλαμάς», Ακαδημίας 48 & Σίνα

John KROLL (University of Oxford)


This talk will review some prominent Greek silver coinages that were struck not onto cast flans but on flans of an earlier coinage, usually of the minting city itself, that had been flattened, folded over in fourths, and then hot-struck with the new type. At Athens in the mid 4th century, this technique was employed for the mass reminting of the entire coinage of the city in order to raise funds during the fiscal crisis brought on by the Social War.  It now appears that Aegina did the same thing in the mid 450s when the island was defeated and forced to pay a heavy annual tribute to Athens.

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