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Journée d’études / Ημερίδα
Vendredi 21 novembre
Παρασκευή 21 Νοεμβρίου
9.00 - 19.30

Salle des conférences de l’EFA / Αίθουσα διαλέξεων της EFA

Hégémonie romaine en Grèce du Nord - II

J. Fournier EFA
M.G. Parissaki EIE/IIE


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Property of Sm. Chalakatevakis-Ventouris, Kalami
Property of Sm. Chalakatevakis-Ventouris, Kalami. Katerina Tzanakaki (ΚΕ’ ΕΠΚΑ) reports that in Kalami, at the municipality of Souda, the remains of a potential farmstead, which comprises part of Ancient Aptera, were discovered during a salvage excavation. The investigation took place between March 2007 and August 2008. Part of a building dating to mid-3rd c B.C., which underwent extensive repairing during the next...
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