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  • Colloque / Συνέδριο
    Vendredi 28  Samedi 29 novembre
    Παρασκευή 28 Σάββατο 29 Νοεμβρίου

    Salle des conférences de l’EFA / Αίθουσα διαλέξεων της EFA

    Les monnaies de fouille du monde grec (VIe-Ier siècles av J.-C.). Αpproches, enjeux et méthodes

    C. Grandjean Université de Tours F. Duyrat Cabinet des médailles BNF






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    Exposition EFA 175

    Archaeology in Greece ONLINE

    Patras - Platonos Street

    Platonos Side Str. (Block 284, private property of M. Kourousia), Patras. Vasiliki Tsaknaki reports on the continuation of the excavation in the plot, which have gradually revealed the core of the ceramic production workshops of Dymi. The workshops were dated between the Hellenistic times and the early Roman times.

    Kiln no.3’s inside walls were lined with clay, and it was oriented E-W. The grid was circular, it was...

    A collaborative project with the BSA.