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Journée d'études / Ημερίδα
Vendredi 13 mars
Παρασκευή 13 Μαρτίου

«Léonidas Zervas»EIE / Αμφιθέατρο «Λεωνίδας Ζέρβας»ΕΙΕ

Hégémonie romaine en Grèce du Nord - IIΙ

Julien Fournier  EFA Maria Gabriella Parissaki  EIE/IIE






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Ai-Lia temple, Giourganista

Ai-Lia temple, Giourganista. Ypatia Faklari (IB’ ΕΠΚΑ) reports on surface survey and excavation carried out in the Kourentos mountain range, c.37 W of Ioannina.

Survey identified the architectural remains from the temple of Ai-Lia. Excavation proceeded in an area 15 x 15m, bringing to light clay figurines, 44 bronze coins, 11 bronze rings, arrowheads, bronze buckles and glass necklace...

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