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    Les Voyageurs français à Argos

    Michel Sève
    10 €

    Collection et numéro : SitMon 11
    Année : 1993
    Éditeur(s) : École française d’Athènes
    ISBN : 978-2-86958-063-3


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    Exposition EFA 175

    Archaeology in Greece ONLINE

    Patras - Monodendri, Vrachnaiika

    Vrachneika, Monodendri settlement, (private property of A. Anifanti), Regional Route of Patras-Pyrgos-Sotiriadou, Patras. Artemis Maniaki (ΣΤ’ ΕΠΚΑ), reports on the continuation of the excavation in a Roman cemetery, which had started the previous year. This year, the research revealed 13 tile-roof graves, five box-shaped graves, and four jar-burials. They were spatially organized in three groups (SW, SE, NW) (fig. 1, 2). They...

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