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Lampes d’Argos

Anne Bovon
72 €

Collection et numéro : Et. pelo. V
Année : 1966
Éditeur(s) :
ISBN : 978-2-86958-407-5
Nombre de pages : 108
Distributeurs : Peeters Publishers
Statut : en stock
Langue : Français
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Exposition EFA 175

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Thouria. X. Arapogianni (ASA) reports on excavations of the skene of the theatre, which measures 21.50m long and is 7.80m wide. The walls are preserved at a height of 3.15m.

On the floor of the skene there are three grooves, and the route for rolling painted scenes is 48m long. The NW part of the external wall of the skene has four struts, spaced at 3.80m intervals.

In the SW area, the a...

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