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Kostis Gkotsinas, membre scientifique de l'EFA, participe à la conférence Histoire de la sexualité : Europe du sud - Amérique du sud au XXe siècle (lundi 23 septembre 2019, Institut de Hautes Études Sociales de l'Université National de Saint Martin, Buenos Aires). Son intervention est intitulée « When Asclepius met Venus : Medical discourses on sexuality in Greece, 1930-1970 ».


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Zominthos.  E. Sapouna Sakellaraki (ASA) reports on the completion of the excavation of the large building (Figs 1-3).  In Space 28 a Linear A tablet was found, on which tripod vessels are recorded (Fig. 4).  Other Linear A inscriptions have been found at Zominthos.  The existence of an earlier building beneath was confirmed; it was larger in extent and there are finds from it.

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