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Adrien Delahaye, membre de 1ère année de l'EFA, était l'invité du podcast Ithaca Bound, avec Andrew Schiestel, le 12 novembre dernier.
Vous pouvez écouter en ligne cet épisode intitulé : Pottery in Archaic & Classical Sparta



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Marathon, Brexiza

Marathon, Brexiza. I. Dekoulakou (ASA) reports on continued excavations at the Sanctuary of the Egyptian Gods, particularly in Rooms 24 and 25.

The floor had a fine layer of sand on which fragments of paving slabs were found, pieces of red and off-white plaster, Laconian rooftiles, coarse pottery and kitchenwares, all of which give an indication for the use of these rooms.

Another upper part of a Corinthian capital...

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