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Nathalie Clayer, directrice d'études à l'EHESS/CETOBaC et chercheuse en résidence à l'EFA donnce une conférence intitulée The supranational spaces of the nation- and state-building through the Albanian example, à l'Université Panteion (bâtiment DESKOI, 5e étage) le 24 octobre à 19h.


Methodological nationalism leads to analyse the nation- and state-building process as the result of dynamics specific to a national space, in relation to an international balance of power. In this talk, I propose to analyse such a process rather as a complex process with various spatial components – local, regional, national and supranational. Focusing on the supranational level, I argue that any process of nation- and state-building is to be seen at the intersection of a multiplicity of supranational socio-political spaces, not necessarily exclusive. To demonstrate this, I will show how the Albanian nation- and state-building process, that is the development of the idea of the existence of an Albanian nation and its relationship to sovereignty, developed, from the 19th century onwards, at the intersection of social and political dynamics related to different supranational spaces: the Ottoman imperial space, the Balkan space, the Adriatic space, the European space, and even the transatlantic space.


Sophia Zoumboulaki
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Nolwenn Grémillet
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