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10/03/2021 - 15.30-17.00 (GMT)

Raphaël Orgeolet, ancien membre de l'EFA, donnera un séminaire en ligne le 10 mars 2021, dans le cadre des manifestations scientifiques organisées par l'Institute of Classical Studies (University of London)
Layers of memory. 2009-2019: Ten years of excavations and research at Kirrha (Phocis, Greece)

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Chania, Gavrolimni, Chalkeia. Kilometre position 13 + 520
Chania, Gavrolimni, Chalkeia. Kilometre position 13 + 520. Foteini Saranti (ΛΣΤ’ ΕΠΚΑ) reports on dis-coveries made during construction work on the Ionian Road motorway. 

Remains of a Middle Bronze Age structure were investigated, that were followed by an early Hellenis-tic period building (Fig. 1). In the S part of the site, the remains of a circular kiln were found at a shallow depth, comprising a...
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