Armée d'Orient

Ce programme pluriannuel (2016-2019) vise à rétablir la mémoire oubliée du front d'Orient et à retracer les enjeux politiques, militaires, culturels et économiques de ce théâtre d'opérations.

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Aptera, central entrance of the ancient city
Aptera, central entrance of the ancient city. Vana Niniou-Kindeli (ΚΕ’ ΕΠΚΑ) reports that archaeological works took place between 2008 and 2009 for the study and promotion of the central entrance of ancient Aptera, in the framework of the third ΚΠΣ . The prospect of unification between this project and the projects that were part of the second and third Γ΄ΚΠΣ-ΠΕΠ of Crete, S of the same site (Fig. 1, no. 15)...
A collaborative project with the BSA.