Excavation sites

The French School at Athens has seven permanent archaeological missions: six in Greece itself, Dikili-Tash, Philippi, Thasos, Delphi, Argos, Delos, and Malia (in Crete), and one on the south-west coast of the island of Cyprus, at Amathus. These sites form a not insignificant part of the scientific heritage of the School (see the history of the School). 

The School also conducts its archaeological activities within the framework of temporary archaeological missions, whether in Greece (Itanos, Lâto and Dreros in Crete), in Cyprus (Shillourokambos and Potamia), or in Albania (Sovjan, Apollonia, Byllis). In addition, the School provides support for the excavation of the Kouphovouno site in Greece and to the mission studying Durrës in Albania. 

Several of the missions benefit or have benefitted from FSA/MAEE co-funding, as is the case for Dikili Tash, Kouphovouno and Itanos in Greece, for Amathus, Shillourokambos, and Potamia in Cyprus, and for Sovjan, Apollonia, and Byllis in Albania. 


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Kato Achaia, Paliomilos, 6th side road, Agiou Ioannou
Kato Achaia, Paliomilos, 6th side road, Agiou Ioannou, O.T 298 (property of A. Batzali). Georgia Alexopoulou (ΣΤ’ ΕΠΚΑ) reports on the discovery of two Hellenistic buildings (I and II) (Fig. 1). Building I consisted of walls 3α, 3β, 4, 5 and 6 and building II of 7, 8α and 8β. The buildings were separated by a four meter wide road, aligned on a N-S axis. An extended destruction...
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