The archaeological mission of Amathus celebrated its 40-year anniversary in 2015 and excavation projects continue to be led there today. 

The Potamia site is the location of a study of the “constitution of a medieval Orient countryside”, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Medieval Mediterranean Archaeology and the University of Cyprus.

The sites of  Shillourokambos and Klimonas provide a means of exploring one of the “neolithic revolutions” that facilitated the passage from the world of hunter-gatherers (Paleolithic) to societies based on farming and livestock-rearing (Neolithic). 


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Igoumenitsa - Ladochori
Igoumenitsa - Ladochori. Stephanos Vasileiadis (Ephorate of Antiquities of Thesprotia) reports on the excavation of part of a building comprising six walls and four rooms (fig. 1).

It is possible that this building is the continuation of a building found on the nearby Siafaka plot in the early 2000s; even...
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