As is usual when we present our excavation sites, we offer you several levels of approach to the site of Malia. You may choose any one, according to your prior knowledge of the subject, or work your way through them at your leisure.


Tp precede more specific discussions,


Two pages of general introduction:

In more detail

The chapters below will give you a more exact idea of the chronology of the excavations at Malia, as well as of the research programmes that are currently underway.

In the bibliography, you will find the reference works necessary for acquiring a deeper knowledge of the site of Malia.



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Exposition EFA 175

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Gitani. Kalliopi Preka-Alexandri (Ephorate of Antiquities of Thesprotia) reports on systematic excavations from ‘Building 6’, now thought to be a workshop, located to the N of Gitani. 

The presence of small finds has been used to suggest the purpose of this building (fig. 1). These finds include ceramics, but also small circular wedges used to support small vessels within a kiln, and also large versions...
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