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The work carried out on the site of Malia are the subject of preliminary reports and articles that appear in the Bulletin de correspondance hellénique.

Full publications appear in the Etudes crétoises [Cretan Studies] series.

For a more detailed discussion of the site, you are referred to the following books and article, which all contain a detailed bibliography.

  • O. Pelon (in collaboration with E. Andersen and M. Schmid), Guide de Malia. Le palais et la nécropole de Chrysolakkos, Sites et Monuments IX, Athens-Paris 1992.
  • J.-C. Poursat (in collaboration with M. Schmid), Guide de Malia au temps des premiers palais. Le quartier Mu. Sites et Monuments VIII, Athens-Paris 1992.
  • J.-C. Poursat, 'La ville minoenne de Malia: recherches et publications récentes', Revue archéologique 1988, pp. 61-82.

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Athens - Agora
Athenian Agora. John McK. Camp II (ASCSA) reports on work conducted in 2022 on the south and north of the Stoa Poikile and within the western third of the building (Fig. 1). 

The initial plan of excavating under the modern house at 14 St. Philip Street was curtailed by delayed demolition. This report is being written in the final week of the excavation, when many objects band remains tend to come to light, so not...
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