Northern Greece and Bulgaria

The three sites of Northern GreeceDikili Tash, Philippi, and Thasos—cover a very long period from the 6th millenium BC until the proto-Byzantine period. These sites are studied in collaboration with Greek institutions: the Archaeological Service (Philippi and Thasos) and the Archaeological Society at Athens (Dikili Tash). 

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Palaiopanagias Street, Paiania

Palaiopanagias Street, Paiania. YPPOA reports on the discovery of a new marble grave monument, discovered during excavations undertaken for the construction of the New Town Hall of Paiania.

This marble monument was erected in an ancient cemetery located SW of Katsoulerthi hill in Paiania. It is preserved in two pieces, depicting two full-length female figures. The woman on the right (the deceased) is depicted sitting with her...

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