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The collections of photographic and graphic documents, assembled from 1960 onwards, cover all the academic activities of the FSA in Greece, Cyprus and Turkey, from the end of the nineteenth century to today. These two unique collections cover, in particular, the archaeological excavations carried out at Delphi, Delos, Thasos, Philippi, Dikili Tash, Argos, Malia and Amathus in Cyprus; the best represented periods are the Neolithic, the Bronze Age, and the Classical and Byzantine eras. New images in different media are constantly being added, with an academic and informative purpose.
  • The photograph library today holds  more than 635000 old and recent photographs, in the form of black and white and colour negatives, and more than 14000 glass plates and slides, to which digital files are now being added.
  • The library of plans contains around 52000 plans, maps and drawings relating to architecture, topography, cartography and physical items.

The research tools can be consulted on site (card indexes and the entire ArchImage database), or on the FSA’s website, in ArchImage, for documents that have been uploaded to the web.

Since December 2011, the library of photographs and plans has been gradually uploading the photographs, maps and plans it holds to ArchImage.


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Vrysinas  Eleni Papadopoulou (ΚΕ EPKA)  and Iris Tzachili (University of Crete) report that the research was focused on the three terraces of the north and the northeast slope of mount Vrysinas (Fig. 1). At the uppermost terrace the area south and west of the church was investigated. In the west, the existence of significantly disturbed architectural remains was identified, along with a significant amount of Late Byzantine...

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