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    Τρίτη 29 Απριλίου 2014 , 1 5.0 0
    Επιγραφικό Μουσείο, Τοσίτσα 1

    Les inscriptions de Sparte dans les
    manuscrits de l’abbé Fourmont

    Olivier GENGLER ( Université de Vienne )

    É c o l e f r a n ç a i s e d ’ A t h è n e s
    Ε π ι γ ρ α φ ι κ ό Μ ο υ σ ε ί ο
    B r i t i s h S c h o o l a t A t h e n s
    Ε λ λ η ν ι κ ή Ε π ι γ ρ α φ ι κ ή Ε τ α ι ρ ί α

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    Trapeza Aigiou
    Trapeza. The five-year programme of excavation directed by Dr A. Vordos (Ephorate of Antiquities of Achaia), with the participation of Dr E. Borgna (Udine), together with students from Udine, Trieste and Venice, and postgraduates from Greek universities, revealed a quantity of grave offerings and tombs of high quality in the Mycenaean cemetery of Trapeza 7km SW of Aigion (Fig. 1). The finds testify to the surprising cultural and...
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