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    Σεμινάριο ιστορία και ανθρωπολογία

    Lundi 04 mai
    Δευτέρα 04 Μαΐου

    INALCO, Salle 3.15
    65 rue des Grands Moulins, 75013 Paris,
    métro Bibliothèque François Mitterand.

    Association for the Dissemination of Greek Letters. Educational Grants for Female Teachers, « from the most significant Macedonian Communities ».
    A multiply-readable practice (1880-1913)

    Maria PREKA, Université de Crète



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    Property of V. Bantounou and A. Kataria, Acharavi, Corfu

    Property of V. Bantounou and A. Kataria, Acharavi, Corfu. Elena Bonelou (H’ ΕΠΚΑ) reports on excavations conducted at this plot in 2007. 

    28 walls were discovered, a stone pipe, clay structures, and pebble floors, which belong to different periods. The NE section of the plot remained unexcavated.

    In the NW, three walls defined Area A (Fig. 2). In the middle of the W side of the space, a circular...

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