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    Mardi 05 Mai
    Τρίτη 05 Μαΐου


    Musée épigraphique- 1, rue Tositsa / Επιγραφικό Μουσείο- Τοσίτσα 1

    The Corpus of Bilingual Greek and Latin Inscriptions at Delos.

    P. A. Butz - Savannah College of Art and Design®
    American School of Classical Studies at Athens

    En partenariat avec le Musée épigraphique, la Société épigraphique grecque et l’École britannique d’Archéologie
    Σε συνεργασία με το Επιγραφικό Μουσείο, την Ελληνική Επιγραφική Εταιρία και τη βρετανική Σχολή Αθηνών


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    Pera Galini, Mylopotamos, Rethymno

    Pera Galini, Mylopotamos, Rethymno Eleni Tsivilika and Eleni Banou report that the archaeological investigation continued in Trench I, west of the  “adyton”,  at its south part, at the largest of the discovered pits and around of it (Fig. 1). From the centre of the pit, small sherds of a cooking pot and of cups were collected at first, while large cooking pot sherds were located deeper in the pit. Next to them, a...

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