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  • Nicolas Élias, membre de l'EFA, interviendra à St Anthony's College (Oxford) le 12 février dans le cadre d'un panel intitulé "Disputes on alcohol in the Middle East".Sa communication portera sur "The Drinking Dervishes. Inebriation as disciplinary practice in Turkey".

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    Megara. 16 I. Delli Street, O.T. 126
    Megara. 16 I. Delli Street, O.T. 126. Evgenia Tsalkou (Γ’ ΕΠΚΑ) reports on the excavation of a Hellenistic period house found at this plot, which seems to have been rebuilt in the Early and Middle Roman period. Two fragmentary walls from the Geometric and Archaic periods also survive.
    Construction phases of the house date to the end of the third...
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