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  • S.Perrot, membre scientifique de l'EFA (4e année), participera au XIIe congrès de l'ICTM Music Iconography Neoclassical Reverberations of Discovering Antiquity 
    6-9 octobre 2014 - Turin, Italie

    Communication: Musical Impressions in Views of Greece during the 19th Century

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    Kynosarges, 11 Kallirrois Street
    Kynosarges, 11 Kallirrois Street. Dimitra-Kallirroi Stavroulaki (Γ’ ΕΠΚΑ) reports on the excavation of a large Roman building, with dimensions 80 x 60m and oriented EW. The building contained an inner courtyard (surrounded by peristyle to the N, S and E, and large rectangular room to W), and dates to the first century AD or beginning of the second century AD. The building was abandoned after...
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