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  • Basma Zerouali, membre de l'EFA, participera au colloque Izmir from Past to Present: Human and Cultural Interactions (Izmir, 4-7 novembre 2015).

    Communication: Music and Cosmopolitism in Smyrna at the Turn of the 20th Century
    Mercredi 4/11 à 12h20.

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    Makrigianni, 5 Faleron Street
    Makrigianni, 5 Faleron Street. Efi Aleksaki Mantzouka, Georgios Michalopoulos and Chara Charami (Γ’ ΕΠΚΑ) report on discoveries made at this plot.
    Six pit graves were located, dating principally between the Late Helladic and Archaic periods.
    To the NW of the plot, parts of an ancient road were found, 6.20 x...
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