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  • Iris Polyzos, membre de l'EFA, participera au séminaire Urban Segregation in Mediterranean Cities qui aura lieu à Nicosie les 1, 2 et 3 décembre 2016.

    Communication: Ethnic diversity in the streets of Athens: the role of migrant entrepreneurs in the centre of the city
    Vendredi 02 décembre à 14.15

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    Megara. Silymvrias Street, O.T. 70δ
    Megara. Silymvrias Street, O.T. 70δ. Panagiota Avgerinou (Γ’ ΕΠΚΑ) reports on discoveries made at this site.
    A wall was excavated, to the N and E of which fill contained broken ceramic vessels, most of which were unpainted and dated to the fifth and sixth centuries AD. It is thought that this was a waste deposit from a nearby...
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