1919 - 1925 / Directorship of C. PICARD
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    Reform of the FSA's entry competition: instead of the thesis, candidates may present a certificate in Classical Antiquity, offered by a certain number of universities.

    Academic activities

    In the aftermath of the war, despite a few isolated efforts (excavations at Notion in 1921 and Teos in 1924), the FSA ceases all activity in Asia Minor, at the time of the failure of the Greek campaign in Anatolia and the extermination of Greek culture in Turkey.


    The Thasos excavation is resumed.


    Three excavation seasons at the Neolithic tell at Dikili Tash.


    Beginning of exploration of the Minoan site at Malia.

    ARCHIMAGE : The latest pictures

    Thasos - Acropole ; Athénaion (sanctuaire d'Athéna), GTh 65 - L10036-005A

    Sujet : rempart mur trace rocher Matériau : marbre
    Archimage is intended to gradually put online the graphic and photographic documents, kept in the Archives service of FSA.

    Archaeology in Greece ONLINE

    Agios Vasileios (Xerokampi)-6124
    Agios Vasileios (Xerokampi). A. Vasilogamvrou (ASA) reports on work, including geophysical prospection (Fig. 1). This revealed tombs in the north and remains of buildings in the south, probably connected with the buildings in the region of the Central Court and the West and South Stoas. Excavation in the area known as the West Stoa and Archive (where previously fragments of Linear B tablet had been found) revealed the existence of Byzantine period pits. In this disturbed level were found tiles, coins, a Turkish pipe, iron lance-points, Mycenaean beads, a fragment of a Linear B tablet and sealing. A Mycenaean destruction level was found lower down comprising a floor of plaster and pebbles and, above it, fragments of tablets and sealings, fallen from a room on the first floor of the We
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