1936 - 1950 / Directorship of R. DEMANGEL
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    1947 (September)

    Centenary of the French School.

    Academic activities


    Anastylosis of the Lion of Amphipolis, in collaboration with the American School.


    Excavations at Olous (Crete).


    Anastylosis of three columns of the tholos at Delphi, and of the temple of Apollo.


    Discovery, under the Sacred Way at Delphi, of the favissa, which contained precious offerings that had been thrown out.


    Beginning of the exploration of Gortys in Arcadia. More generally, the Second World War and the Greek civil war restricted the School's activities, although it did resume excavations at Malia in 1946, and at Thasos and Delos in 1948.

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    Delphes - Sanctuaire d'Apollon - E1923

    Sujet : figure en ronde bosse face Matériau : marbre Décor : Antinoüs Technique : ronde bosse,
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    Archaeology in Greece ONLINE

    Patras, M. NEOFYTOU AND SOTIRIADOU STREET. Anastasia Koumousi (6th ???) reports on excavations with architectural remains attributed to three different periods. The first included a rectangular room in which a cache of bronze torneselli (coins) of the 14th century AD was found, attributed to the first Venetian period. The second was attributed to the Byzantine and included walls of rubble, tiles and bricks. The third was Early Christian and consisted of two rooms with walls built of terracotta bricks and mortar, along with a partially preserved geometric mosaic floor (Fig. 1) attributed to the 4-6th centuries AD.
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