2002 - 2011 / Directorship of D. MULLIEZ
  • The School
  • Research
  • Academic events
  • Training
  • Documentary resources
  • Publications
  • Members
  • Academic activities


    • The four-year contracts for 2004-2007 and 2008-2011 are drawn up.
    • Ancient world
      • new programmes at Delos (Aphrodision, 2004; House of Fourni 2008; Pythion, 2009), Thasos (DOM 5, 2004), Amathus (palace shops, phase 2, 2004), Malia (Delta district, 2005), Kirrha (2007), Dikili Tash (2008) and Dreros (2008).
      • the epigraphic corpora of Philippi and Thasos are created.
    • Modern and contemporary eras
      • extension to the Balkans as a whole of the research programmes dedicated to the modern and contemporary eras (2004).

    Research training

    • Creation of doctoral contracts for research in specific areas (2007), and of post-doctoral contracts (2008).

    Research tools

    • Written materials
      • inclusion of the library catalogue in SUDOC (2004);
      • the FSA becomes a Centre for the Acquisition and Circulation of Academic and Technical Information (CADIST) for the ancient world, in co-operation with the Sorbonne library (2008);
      • organisation of the manuscript archives and inclusion in the CALAMES network (2011);
      • inclusion in the AREA (2004), CARTOMED (2006) and CALAMES (2011) networks.
    • Visual materials
      • the 'Archimage' database is created.
    • Publications
      • the CEFAEL portal is created (2003 – a programme begun on the initiative of R. Étienne);
      • BCH is transferred to the Persée portal (2007);
      • creation of the Recherches Archéologiques franco-albanaises series in partnership with the French School at Rome (2007);
      • online chronicle of excavations in partnership with the British School at Athens (2009);
      • creation of the Mondes Méditerranéen et Balkanique series, as a successor to the Champs helléniques modernes et contemporains series.

    Internal affairs


    • Headquarters
      work carried out on the basis of a buildings programme put into practice in 2003
      • guesthouse and associated work (2003-2004): refurbishment of the guesthouse; development of the Tsolakis building's first floor; creation of a computer room and a room to house the servers; creation of a new restoration workshop.
      • library and associated work (2002-2010): replacement of the flooring in room A (2002); complete refurbishment of room B (2005-2006); rearrangement of the reception and the corridors by connecting rooms C and D; creation of a room for electronic documentation, a dedicated office for the excavations chronicle, a storeroom for the library, a place to store new works and rooms for the preservation and consultation of squeezes; enlargement of the librarians' offices; development of a second studio.
      • various: renovation of the 'Super-Luxe' and restoration of the director's wing, which had been damaged by the earthquake of 1999 (2003); development of the car park, with disabled access (2011).
    • Sites
      • refurbishment of the houses at Thasos and Delos (walls and roofing);
      • creation of a new storeroom with work space at Dikili Tash.

    Management and administration

    • Senior management
      • creation of the post of Secretary General (2002);
      • creation of a post for a full-time Director of Studies for research on Greece and the Balkans in the modern and contemporary periods, replacing the part-time post of associate professor (2004).
    • Implementation of a Health and Safety policy (2007) and establishment of the Technical Committee (2010).
    • Drawing up, with the services of the ministry and the directors of the other French Schools overseas, of the decree of February 11 2011 governing these five institutions. In accordance with this decree, revision of Heading I of the FSA's internal regulations (2011), with a redefinition of the examinations in the competition to admit members.
    • Various
      • Modern Greek classes for newly-admitted French-speaking members are instituted.

    ARCHIMAGE : The latest pictures

    Délos - MAISON DU DIADUMENE, GD 61 - 135

    Cour au moment de la découverte de trois statues : Artémis, un athlète et une réplique antique du Diadumène de Polyclète.
    Archimage is intended to gradually put online the graphic and photographic documents, kept in the Archives service of FSA.

    Archaeology in Greece ONLINE

    Vouliagmeni, Zephyrou 21 (property of G. Kritsa). Mairi Giamalidi (???' ????) reports on the discovery of 2 retaining walls and another 2 walls delimiting a property (Figs. 1, 2). The retaining walls were constructed with rubble and roughly worked boulders. The latter were extracted from the area for their immediate use in the retaining walls. The walls delimiting the property were built with rubble (Fig. 3). It appears that the retaining walls served to contain the soil and attest to farming activities in the area. Small finds include undecorated and black-glazed pottery sherds from plates, skyphoi and oinochoai, all of which date in the Classical and Late Classical periods. The excavation was conducted by I. Louretzatou.
    A collaborative project with the BSA.