1925 - 1935 / Directorship of P. ROUSSEL
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    The French School is given the title of the 'French Archaeological School, at Athens' in the decree that sets out its financial administration.


    Creation of the position of accountant and a position in architecture.

    Academic activities

    There were no new major excavations during the directorship of P. Roussel, but work continued at the traditional sites (especially at Malia, Philippi and Thasos, but also at Delphi and Delos), and many publications were produced.


    Excavations of the historic site of Dreros (Crete).


    Resumption on a large scale of the excavations at Delphi, and work at Krissa, the ancient port of Delphi; these will continue until 1938.

    ARCHIMAGE : The latest pictures

    Delphes - Kastri - A12

    Archimage is intended to gradually put online the graphic and photographic documents, kept in the Archives service of FSA.

    Archaeology in Greece ONLINE

    Athens, Koukaki, M. Mpotsari 3 (property of A. Ioannidi). Giannis Maurokefalidis (?' ????) reports on the discovery of a 5th c. B.C. cemetery (Figs. 1, 2). 17 burials were excavated: 14 pit graves and three pyres. The pyres and 6 of the pit graves were rock cut. The burial offerings include lekythoi, some of which black-figure, seashells, 5 terracotta figurines (4 of birds and 1 of a man), a metal ring and pottery sherds.
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