Ground floor: reception desk / communal areas / studio
1st floor: rooms 11-18
2nd floor: rooms 21-28

'Tsolakis' Building

Basement: Photography / Photograph Library
Ground floor: Publications Service / Supplies Office
1st floor: Administrative and Accounting Services
2nd floor: Architecture / Drawings / Desktop Publishing / Topography
3rd floor: Library of Plans

Members' Wing

Director of Ancient and Byzantine Studies
Director of Studies for the Modern and Contemporary Eras
Academic Members


Archaeology in Greece ONLINE

Municipality of Vouprasia, Psari
Municipality of Vouprasia, Psari. Christos Matzanas (Z’ EPKA) reports on the discovery of an extended late Byzantine cemetery consisting of simple pits of about 1 m. in depth. The bodies had been placed facing west and the graves were aligned on an E-W axis. The finds included undiagnostic pottery sherds and tile fragments. Close to the cemetery were collected pottery sherds and chipped and ground...
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