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    ARCHIMAGE : The latest pictures

    Délos - MAISON DU DIADUMENE, GD 61 - 135

    Cour au moment de la découverte de trois statues : Artémis, un athlète et une réplique antique du Diadumène de Polyclète.
    Archimage is intended to gradually put online the graphic and photographic documents, kept in the Archives service of FSA.

    Archaeology in Greece ONLINE

    KIFISSIA, Kifissias Avenue-6058
    Kifissia, Kifissias Avenue 313 (O.T. 167, Sector III, property of P. Chalari). Maria Stefanopoulou (B' ????) reports on the discovery of a Hellenistic and Roman house, and a Byzantine workshop (Fig. 1). Part of a building consisting of rubble walls and a courtyard was excavated and dated in the Late Hellenistic period. Contemporary to the building is a rock-cut drain. In Roman times, the building was extended, since more walls were constructed. These are rubble walls with tiles. Contemporary to this phase is a cairn found east of the building and a pi-shaped drain. In the Late Byzantine period the building appears to have been converted into a workshop, since two kilns were excavated - one inside the building (Fig. 2) and the second outside. The kilns contained Late Byzantine pottery sherd
    A collaborative project with the BSA.