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The French School at Athens is the first foreign institute established in Greece. Founded in 1846, it is a center of advanced research in humanities whose core mandate is the study of Greece in its Balkan and Mediterranean contexts, from prehistoric time to the present. This mission encompasses the training of a new generation of academics, facilitating early-career researchers’ access to the field and the sources. It supports their integration within a high-level international environement.

The French School at Athens is:

  • a research hub of 70 permanent collaborators

  • a library housing 94 000 titles, 2 000 of which are periodicals

  • a series of publications including internationally renowned scientific journals, 16 collections and more than 15 titles published annually

  • an archive of 8 000 engravings, more than 657 000 photographs, 56 000 plans and drawings, and 256 linear meters of manuscript documents. hosting facilities, at the headquarters in Athens and in the 7 dig houses

  • a center of research training which recruits internationally

  • as many as fifteen research programmes on post-byzantin Greece

  • as many as ten prestigious excavation sites in Greece, Albania and Cyprus


Archaeology in Greece ONLINE


Salamis, 49 Metaxas Street. Triadafyllia Kattoula (ΚΣΤ ΕΠΚΑ) reports on works undertaken during the construction of a drainage ditch. A clay vessel of the Mid Helladic period was found, and nearby a shaft grave covered by a stone slab. Remains of an articulated skeleton were found, where the body had been laid out with the head to the NE and was oriented towards the...

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