Who are we?

The French School at Athens is the first foreign institute established in Greece. Founded in 1846, it is a center of advanced research in humanities whose core mandate is the study of Greece in its Balkan and Mediterranean contexts, from prehistoric time to the present. This mission encompasses the training of a new generation of academics, facilitating early-career researchers’ access to the field and the sources. It supports their integration within a high-level international environment.

The French School at Athens is:

  • a research hub of 70 permanent collaborators

  • a library housing 96 000 titles, 2 600 of which are periodicals

  • a series of publications including internationally renowned scientific journals, 16 collections and more than 15 titles published annually

  • an archive of 8 000 engravings, more than 657 000 photographs, 56 000 plans and drawings, and 256 linear meters of manuscript documents. hosting facilities, at the headquarters in Athens and in the 7 dig houses

  • a center of research training which recruits internationally

  • as many as ten prestigious excavation sites in Greece, Albania and Cyprus

  • as many as fifteen research programmes on post-byzantin Greece

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The French School at Athens is one of the French Schools Overseas, a network of five institutions of higher education and research governed by the 2011--164 Decree of the 10 February 2011 modified by the n° 2021-146 Decree of the 10 February 2021. Establish abroad, in Greece (French School at Athens, 1846), in Italy (French School at Rome, 1875), in Egypt (French Institute for Oriental Archaeology, Cairo, 1880), in Southeast Asia (French School of Asian Studies, Paris, 1898) and in Spain (Casa de Velázquez, Madrid, 1920), the Schools have a triple mission of education, research, and dissemination in the humanities and the social sciences. They host young researchers of doctoral or post-doctoral standing while also drawing on a community of more senior researchers, both French and non-French. Together the Schools publish approximately one hundred volumes each year. In their host countries, they develop networks of collaboration and cooperation, making them invaluable stakeholders in French research abroad. Since 2015, they have a committee of directors which oversees the network’s shared activities.

Under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the French Schools Overseas are governed by a joint decree (2011--164 Decree /modified by the n° 2021-146 Decree). They are under the academic guidance of the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres as well as that of the Académie des Beaux-Arts, for the artistic section of the Casa, and the Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques, for the School at Rome. Each School has its own Board of Trustees and its own Academic Board, and in the case of the Casa an additional Artistic Board. In January 2015, the Schools established by convention a special Committee of Directors with a rotating presidency, which acts as an authority for reflection and the proposal  of new networks. Since 2013, the Schools are represented at the Conference of University Presidents.  

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