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  • Chaque année, l'École française d'Athènes publie son rapport annuel d'activité et fait le point sur les actions menées par les différents services au cours de l'année écoulée, de l'avancée des programmes de recherche et des travaux des membres et des chercheurs accueillis.

    Sur cette page, vous pouvez consulter et télécharger le dernier rapport ainsi que les archives depuis l'année 2010 :


    Archaeology in Greece ONLINE

    ATHENS - Monastiriou-6115
    Athens, Monastiriou 6-8 (property of Manasaki). Konstantina Lymperopoulou (?' ????) reports on the discovery of a stretch of the ancient road leading from the asty to the Academy of Plato and 7 burials (Fig. 1). The road had two 5th-century B.C. phases (one prior to the middle of the century and one after), and appears to have remained in use until the 2nd c. B.C. A drain runs parallel to the road. The latter was damaged by a modern well. Finally 1 inurned cremation, 4 tile graves and 2 cist graves were found. Apart from one burial, dated to the 1st c. A.D., all others contained no burial offerings and cannot be dated.
    A collaborative project with the BSA.