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  • Chaque année, l'École française d'Athènes publie son rapport annuel d'activité et fait le point sur les actions menées par les différents services au cours de l'année écoulée, de l'avancée des programmes de recherche et des travaux des membres et des chercheurs accueillis.

    Sur cette page, vous pouvez consulter et télécharger le dernier rapport ainsi que les archives depuis l'année 2010 :


    Archaeology in Greece ONLINE

    Ligourio, "Pyramida". Christos Piteros (?' ????) reports on the 'pyramid' tower located north-west of the town of Ligourio, 230 m east of the post-Byzantine church of Agia Marina, dated from the 4th to the beginning of the 3rd centuries BC. It is referred to as the 'pyramid' tower based on its sloping ground-floor outer walls which provided extra stability for the multi-storey building (Fig. 1). The base of the tower was rectangular (12.5x14.0 m.). It was built on sloping rocky bedrock and had a N-S orientation. The entrance was in the east and led into the interior via four square rooms of 5.4 m. In the north-eastern corner of the building were the remains of a Roman workshop in which there was a built sink (1.08x0.58-0.80x0.90 m.) and a water pipe of 0.20 m. in width. In th
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