Doctoral training: applications
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  • An application must be made online via the Missions de l'EFA platform and include:
    • an application form
    • a CV
    • a letter of motivation
    • one or more references

    It should be completed on the Missions platform directly after preliminary registration.


    1) Go to the platform

    2) Create an account

    3) Log in after receiving a username and password

    4) Submit an application request for the doctoral training seminar

    5) Then complete the form and upload the required documents directly into the form.



    ARCHIMAGE : The latest pictures

    Délos - MAISON DU DIADUMENE, GD 61 - 135

    Cour au moment de la découverte de trois statues : Artémis, un athlète et une réplique antique du Diadumène de Polyclète.
    Archimage is intended to gradually put online the graphic and photographic documents, kept in the Archives service of FSA.

    Archaeology in Greece ONLINE

    PALLENE, Kantza-6094
    Pallene, Kantza, Football pitch, (property of Kantza Emporiki Co.). Anna Plassara (B' ????) reports on the discovery of a settlement dating from the Neolithic to the Middle Helladic periods (Fig. 1). Neolithic settlement: 5 huts with stone paved floors and postholes were excavated (Fig. 2). In addition, deposit and storage pits were found containing seashells, obsidian blades and chips, and pottery sherds (Fig. 3). Small finds from the area include, apart from the aforementioned finds, an obsidian arrowhead, a white flint blade and stone axes (Fig. 4). Middle Helladic settlement: numerous stone-built structures (Figs. 5, 6) and 37 rock-cut pits were excavated. The structures contained obsidian blades and flakes, and grey-Minyan pottery sherds (Fig. 7). The latter were also found in the p
    A collaborative project with the BSA.