Doctoral training: applications
An application must be made online via the Missions de l'EFA platform and include:
  • an application form
  • a CV
  • a letter of motivation
  • one or more references

It should be completed on the Missions platform directly after preliminary registration.


1) Go to the platform

2) Create an account

3) Log in after receiving a username and password

4) Submit an application request for the doctoral training seminar

5) Then complete the form and upload the required documents directly into the form.




Archaeology in Greece ONLINE

Koumasa. D. Panagiotopoulos (ASA) reports on continuing excavation of the Minoan cemetery (Figs 1-2). On the first day the head of a limestone Cycladicising figurine of Koumasa type was found (Fig. 3); to date the excavation had only produced 4 fragments of similar figurines, but without heads. During cleaning of tholos B part of a bronze dagger was found among bone. Fill to the NW of the tomb produced beads, fragments of stone vessels and obsidian blades, as well as a large number of pottery sherds. The ceramics date to the Pre- and Proto-palatial periods. The most significant find was another head of a Cycladic figurine of Dokathismata type (Fig. 4), bearing a few indications of colour. Xanthoudidis had found an intact Cycladic figurine, but of Spedos type. In a pit containing se
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