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Koutroulou Magoula-6510
Koutroulou Magoula. Nina Kyparissi-Apostolika (Director Emerita, EPSNE) and Yannis Hamilakis (Brown/BSA) report on the third year of a second five-year programme of collaborative work at this Middle Neolithic site in Thessaly with the aims of refining our understanding of intra-site organisation, including indoor and outdoor spaces, and of the extent and nature of human involvement from the Neolithic to the present. In 2017 excavation not only continued on the top of the tell, but also extended to the slope and surrounding ditches revealed by earlier geophysical survey (Fig. 1). Excavation in Z2 (7x6 m) (Fig 2) confirmed this as an area of rich building and other activity in the Neolithic, which at different times included roofed and open spaces of various natures, as well as features s
A collaborative project with the BSA.