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    Thasos - Acropole ; Athénaion (sanctuaire d'Athéna), GTh 65 - R1454-006

    Sujet : vase attique Matériau : argile Technique : tourné : figure noir état de conservation : fragment
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    Archaeology in Greece ONLINE

    ATHENS - AGORA-5893
    Athenian Agora (by the HSAP rail tracks between Theseio and Monastiraki stations). N. Saraga (?' ?P??) and K. Tsogga (?' ?P??) report on a rescue excavation in the Agora during the repairs and renovations of the rail tracks (Fig. 1). Parts of the foundation of the Stoa of Zeus were revealed as well as a section of a built bench which ran along the inside wall of the Stoa (Fig. 2). The wall and foundations were taken apart in the Late Roman period for reuse of the building material. The retaining wall of the Stoa was also found as well as an earlier polygonal wall which lies between this and the stoa's foundations (Figs. 2, 3). The polygonal wall, along with a horseshoe-shaped pit containing black glazed pottery sherds dating from the Late Geometric to the last quarter of the 5th century BC
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