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    ARCHIMAGE : The latest pictures

    Archimage is intended to gradually put online the graphic and photographic documents, kept in the Archives service of FSA.

    Archaeology in Greece ONLINE

    Lefkakia, Property of Ipapantis Church. Christos Piteros (?' ????) reports on new excavations at the hekatompedon temple that had been investigated in previous years (Fig. 1). The new excavations revealed the foundation of the temple, aligned on an E-W axis and built of six courses of poros blocks of 1.40 x 0.80-1.20 x 0.35-0.40 m. in size (Figs. 3, 4). The south-eastern part of the temple excavated so far was 13.30 m. in length and 8.50 m. wide and continued into adjacent properties. It was dated to the Late Archaic/Early Classical periods, while the previous discovery of pottery sherds and foundations dated to the Late Geometric/Archaic periods, point to construction of the current temple over an earlier one. A dumping area of about 3 m. in diameter was found incorporated into the no
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