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Archaeology in Greece ONLINE

Koumasa. D. Panagiotopoulos (ASA) reports on excavation of tholos tomb B previously excavated by S. Xanthoudidis. Excavation continued with the removal of secondary burials, placed without order, which presented various degrees of burning and fragmentation and belonged to individuals of various ages. The space W and SW of the tomb was also investigated, where a deposit of offerings had been found. Finds were many and interesting: about 110 beads of necklaces, 8 seals, among which was a Minoan scarab with linear decoration (Fig. 1), a silver ring, also with linear decoration, seals of hippopotamus ivory and local stone, a gold amulet in the form of a bull's head (Fig. 2?), fragments of stone vessels, tools and blades of obsidian. Outside tholos B a location was investigated where a qua
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