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Zominthos. E. Sapouna Sakellaraki (ASA) reports on continuing excavation of the site (Figs 1-2). Two large entrances into its E side were revealed. The SE had a strong staircase, which had undergone destruction in Mycenaean and Roman times, demonstrated by a coin of Marcus Aurelius, but especially in the 1960s from illicit excavation. From the partially preserved steps of the staircase, it appears to have led to the building's central court. The NW entrance had an ante-room with a bench and a paved floor (Fig. 3); this entrance led, via a long corridor, to the sanctuary with the stepped altar found previously. An interior staircase was revealed in the W wing of the building which led from a room with columns on a lower level (Fig. 4). In an adjacent room, probably with 3 compartment
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