Since 1975 the French archaeological mission at Amathus, under the joint responsibility of the French School at Athens and of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, conducts excavations and study programs on the ancient town of Amathus and its territory.
You are invited to discover the mission’s history and perspectives, the main excavated sites and two topics on which the mission has made a major contribution.

La mission française d’Amathonte

The French archaological mission at Amathus: history and perspectives
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Amyklai Sanctuary of Apollo. Stavros Vlizos (Ε ΕΠΚΑ) reports on continuing excavations in the N section of the sanctuary of Apollo Amyklaios, especially between structures of Late Antiquity and the church of Agia Kyriaki (Fig. 1). Directly outside the N wall of the church, in the middle of its length, the W part of a foundation of an apse was discovered (Fig. 2). Two destroyed burials were found 10 m SW of the church....

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