The site of Malia, one of the main palace sites on Crete, continues to be excavated. In the region of Itanos, a survey expedition has been conducted in conjunction with the Institute for Mediterranean Studies in Rethymno and the University of Paris I.

Moreover, since 2006, the resumption of study of the site of Lato has enabled a regional study focused on the Gulf of Mirabella to be initiated: it mainly concerns the sites of Lato, Dreros and Anavlochos.


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Kythera Island Project-6512
Kythera Island Project. C. Broodbank (Cambridge/BSA), E. Kiriatzi (BSA Fitch Laboratory), A. Bevan (UCL/BSA) and I. Petrocheilos (Ioannina) report on a single season of investigation on the inland urban centre of ancient Kythera, now known as Paliokastro, a 2.5km2 area unavailable for investigation by the Kythera Island Project (KIP) in 1998-2001 (Fig. 1). Excavations by Ioannis Petrocheilos documented the existence of a town there from at least the later Geometric (8th-7th c. BC) until the Early Roman period, and a major acropolis sanctuary (epigraphically attributed to Athena) dating from the 8th century BC to Hellenistic times. In 2017 the opportunity arose to reinforce and extend our understanding of the Paliokastro through intensive fieldwalking, geophysics and Unmanned Aerial Vehic
A collaborative project with the BSA.