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  • The work carried out on the site of Malia are the subject of preliminary reports and articles that appear in the Bulletin de correspondance hellénique.

    Full publications appear in the Etudes crétoises [Cretan Studies] series.

    For a more detailed discussion of the site, you are referred to the following books and article, which all contain a detailed bibliography.

    • O. Pelon (in collaboration with E. Andersen and M. Schmid), Guide de Malia. Le palais et la nécropole de Chrysolakkos, Sites et Monuments IX, Athens-Paris 1992.
    • J.-C. Poursat (in collaboration with M. Schmid), Guide de Malia au temps des premiers palais. Le quartier Mu. Sites et Monuments VIII, Athens-Paris 1992.
    • J.-C. Poursat, 'La ville minoenne de Malia: recherches et publications récentes', Revue archéologique 1988, pp. 61-82.

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    Thasos - Acropole ; Athénaion (sanctuaire d'Athéna), GTh 65 - L10034-021

    rempart sanctuaire, mur, trace, rocher, parement externe Matériau : marbre,
    Archimage is intended to gradually put online the graphic and photographic documents, kept in the Archives service of FSA.

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    Kapandriti, Kotroni Hill. Platon Petridis (University of Athens), Anna Papadimitriou-Grammenou (University of Athens) and Persephone Georgiou-Geka (University of Athens) report on continuing excavations at the hill of Kotroni. The entire length of the fortification wall had already been revealed and this season focused on fully uncovering its interior face (Figs. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Four smaller walls, running at a right angle to the fortification wall were excavated (Fig. 6). These served as a stairway allowing access to the gate. Their south face was carefully constructed, whilst their north face was indiscernible. Small finds from the area include large quantities of prehistoric, Classical and Hellenistic pottery sherds, obsidian blades, loom weights, fragments from a metal knife and two br
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