A history of research

An initial excavation was undertaken in 1915 by the Greek archaeologist J. Hatzidakis, who identified in the ruins a Minoan palace similar to the one at Knossos.

He invited the French School at Athens to carry on the research, which was done from 1922 onwards, under the direction of J. Charbonneaux and then F. Chapouthier, who completed the uncovering of the building in 1930. Investigations and additional surveys were carried out there until 1992.

From 1930 the necropolises and the town’s residential areas (designated by letters of the Greek alphabet) were explored by the FSA’s French and foreign members.

A systematic survey of the plain around the town was carried out in 1989.


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Troezen, Vareia Taktikoupolis district (property of M. Eleni). Maria Giannopoulou (ΚΣΤ’ ΕΠΚΑ) reports on the discovery of a long section of wall, some 42m long and 0.5m wide, running NS. Associated fill contained both black-painted sherds of the Classical period, awhile the foundations sat on a level of grey-soil containing unpainted sherds of the Early Helladic period and obsidian flakes.

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